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Vincent Kudrna
Country USA
Hometown xxx
D.O.B March 10, 1994
Years Riding xxx
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The Goods

Fav Food:

Sushi, Pasta and anything Vegan!

Fav Music:

Rock/ Reggae 

Fav Skatepark:

Rancho Penasquitos and Clairemont

Fav Tour Location:

Melbourne, Australia

Fav Crew to Ride With:

All the San Diego homies

What Was Your First Trick You Had Dialed?

360s and Briflips

Fav Trick Now?

Nose manuals and Front Flips

What Do You Do Besides Ride?

Study Marketing at School and soccer

Who Did You Look Up To When You First Started Riding?

Brendon Smith and Max Peters

Why Did You Start Riding Scooters?

I started riding scooters because I found them very unique and versatile when it comes to the tricks that can be done on them

Fav Part of The Scooter Scene

How friendly the community is. No matter where you go you can always find/make friends to ride with.

Why Do You Think Kids Should Get Into Riding Scooters?

Scootering gives you an outlet to freely express yourself, become active, and see yourself progress over time.

Do You Listen to Music While You Ride? If So, What Gets You Pumped?

Yes, I listen to music while I ride. I am a big fan of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses, Green Day and Sublime. Pretty much any upbeat, catchy tune will get me pumped to ride though

Comps or Filming?

I like both but at the moment I prefer filming because it is more of a competition against yourself. I feel like putting out a solid edit that you have worked really hard on is a little more rewarding and more impactful than winning a comp. it does feel very good to win a competition though, I just am hard on myself when I don’t ride the way I want to.

Explain The Biggest Street Spot/Jump You Ever Hit

There is a drainage ditch near my house that is in the perfect shape to create a launch ramp over a 10-15-foot gap. We all call it a street mega ramp. It was definitely one of the most intimidating/ biggest gaps I have hit. I was so stoked to pull a front flip over it a few years back. It will always stick out to me as one of the scariest things I have done. Especially since you land in a very busy street full of traffic.

What's Your Riding Philosophy?

Anything is possible if you are always having fun and believing in yourself.