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Raymond Warner
Country USA
Hometown Murrieta, California
D.O.B January 7, 1992
Years Riding 9+
Other Sponsors Vital Scooters

The Goods

Fav Food:

Wings n Things Mild Chicken Wings with Breadsticks

Fav Music:

Oldies, Country and Indie Rock

Fav Skatepark:

Cal Oaks Skate Park

Fav Tour Location:

Sydney, Australia

Fav Crew to Ride With:

Cal Oaks Crew and Rough Riders Crew

What Was Your First Trick You Had Dialed?


Fav Trick Now?

Still on that tailwhip game.

What Do You Do Besides Ride?

I like to play guitar, work on my cars and sing

Who Did You Look Up To When You First Started Riding?

When I first started riding, I looked up to Jesse Macaluso and Twan

Why Did You Start Riding Scooters?

I first started riding scooters because it was a new thing. I later on ventured off into skateboarding, BMX, etc. and I eventually made my way back to it because I could impress not only others, but myself as well more on a scooter than I could a skateboard because it was such a new thing.

Fav Part of The Scooter Scene

My favourite part of the scooter scene is the fact that everyone in the sport is very respectful of one another. There is very little drama in the sport and that is very rare nowadays

Why Do You Think Kids Should Get Into Riding Scooters?

I would never pressure any kids to get into scootering. I have always done what I loved and I want everyone else to do the same no matter what it is. But, if I had one truthful thing to say about it that might spark someone’s interest, it would be that it turns into one big family. Like I said before, everyone that rides a scoot is respectful to one another. Not only are they respectful to fellow scooters, but they are towards everyone else in the park as well.

Do You Listen to Music While You Ride? If So, What Gets You Pumped?

I didn’t used to listen to music when I rode, but I have started to as of just recently. When I do listen, artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Michael Jackson, Vedda and Woodkid get me going.

What's Your Riding Philosophy?

Riding my scoot has always been my escape from everything. It has done a lot for me when it comes to stress-related situations, anxiousness, etc. It has been my everything for a long time and it always will be.

Comps Or Filming

I enjoy competitions more than filming because of the atmosphere. Everyone is there to ride and have a good time. There are times where tension starts up, but that is to be expected. I mean, it’s a COMPETITION.

Explain The Biggest Street Spot/Jump You Ever Hit

The biggest ramp that I have ever ridden was the Nitro Circus Mega Ramp (Giganta). The gaps on it were thirty two feet, forty feet and fifty feet. Each gap’s landing was a giant resi pad. It was incredible. I got to ride with a bunch of the guys from the Nitro crew who were all great and welcoming.