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Myles Currie
Hometown Melbourne
D.O.B 10.10.00
Years Riding 8+
Other Sponsors The Shed Skatepark

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Fav Food:


Fav Music:

50 Cent is a KING

Fav Skatepark:

The Shed Skatepark

Fav Tour Location:

Barcelona, Spain

Fav Crew to Ride With:

I'm keen to and love to ride with anyone that’s wanting to progress with me and push me to be a better rider.  Everyone can learn something of another rider, everyone is a little bit different

What Was Your First Trick You Had Dialed?

Double tailwhips and bri flips are the 2 tricks I used to do at every skatepark I went to when I was younger

Fav Trick Now?

My favourite trick to do is down side front scoot air

What Do You Do Besides Ride?

I play footy locally and work at the Shed Skatepark

Who Did You Look Up To When You First Started Riding?

I looked up to Max Peters, he is pretty much the reason for me to start taking riding seriously and helped with me with my style and progression

Why Did You Start Riding Scooters?

Everyone at my school used to ride scooters before and after class, and it looked fun so I just followed the crowd to have fun with my friends

Fav Part of The Scooter Scene

There is so many different personalities and talents where ever you go, and every kid that I meet is always keen to learn something new, or even just have a chat

Why Do You Think Kids Should Get Into Riding Scooters?

Because its so much different to any other actvity and sport, there is also so much opportunity for amazing experiences just for having fun

Do You Listen to Music While You Ride? If So, What Gets You Pumped?

I only listen to music while I ride if im having a solo session, or if im really nervous before a comp or big trick where I cant have any distractions

What's Your Riding Philosophy?

If you want something, you wont stop untill you get it, whether it be a trick, or a certain goal, if you really want it, you'll eventually get it.